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marlon rigsbee
Great product

Man at first the look ill have to guve a 10 ,but coming to me with issues ,screen blacking out when trying to change inputs was annoying, and eve assured us that the update was coming for several things ,and they deliveried .... and since then 10 out of 10 for me keep striving to be the best , ive been telling quite a bit of ppl about your product one of my friends ordered one , and is waiting on shipping fully paid , and got another friend on the hook getting ready to buy so im a great product tester... if you need one .... thanks again eve ......

Dien H.
First 4K Monitor, Established bias.

Lets set one thing clear. Before owning a Spectrum 4k Monitor. I've always had FHD 240HZ monitors. With that being said, the dramatic difference in picture quality is mesmerizing. I love my Spectrum monitor and it does make it a little difficult to use anything else. I am aware, that certainly there could be better monitors out there, but I have little to no complaints on my EVE Spectrum 4K. It is a superb display and at the time, the price was unmet by competitors. Regardless of whats out there now, I couldn't be more satisfied, a great investment and hopefully EVE continues to set a new trend in the space.

Jesús Bella
Like when you graduate your sight

I have a 2 monitor setup with EVE as my main monitor. My previous 1st monitor is now my 2nd and, compared to the other one, it's obvious the difference in the resolution, the gamut and the "brigthness" or color vivacity. A leap similar to wearing the same glasses for years and graduating your sight again. Rediscover a world of resolution and color.

The only "bad" thing I noticed is that it takes a while until it gets power to turn on the monitor and that it gets a bit "dumb" when unplugging/plugging different input sources. But it works perfectly in all respects. I use it both for gaming and coding and it's awesome.

I am very happy with it and wonder when I will be able to "grade" my setup again to improve it and get the most out of this monitor.