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  • Where can I find full specs for V?

    You can find full specs for V in here: Eve V Spec page

  • How and when can I buy the V computer?

    V is currently sold online only in limited quantities. We do this to deliver unbelievable tech at an unprecedented price. Our “flash sales” work on a first come, first served -basis.
    We are able to achieve unprecedented price-to-quality by selling Eve products, without the middle men, directly to end users from the factory!

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  • I need to change my shipping address, what should I do?

    For the units sold during the V Indiegogo campaign, address change requests can be submitted through the backer’s Indiegogo account, directly to us, the campaigner. Without a written response from an Eve Team member, backers should not assume that the address change has been received, executed and confirmed. For shipping, we use the shipping address data which the backer provided on the BackerKit system while verifying their final order, and any changes to those addresses can only be done by us. If you would like to change your shipping address, make sure to submit a support request at our website in the “CONTACT SUPPORT” tab. Eve Team will then change the address for you and confirm the change has been made.

  • Are you offering discounts for students or other groups?

    Currently, we are not offering discounts for students or other groups. This is mainly because the prices are made very affordable by default to all the interested people. The main principle is that the sooner a person joins us by getting the V, the better the pricing is.

  • Is V using Core i U series processors or Core I Y series?

    V comes with Core i Y series CPUs set at 7W TDP by default. We chose Y series for their power efficiency and silent sustained performance, similar to other 2-in-1 devices.

  • Does the V have a fan?

    No! V is completely silent, using heat pipes as its cooling solution.