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In development

QHD 144Hz

Starting at $459
Starts shipping in Q4 2022
In development

QHD 280Hz

Starting at $749
Starts shipping in Q3 2022

UHD 4K 144Hz

Starting at $799
How does your pre-order model work?
Together with our community of tech enthusiasts, we develop premium products with cutting-edge specifications. We ensure that you get the technology of tomorrow today by giving you the possibility to pre-order our products while they are still in development. When you place a pre-order, you first pay a down payment (which is fully refundable if you change your mind later) and complete the outstanding payment when your product is ready. Thanks to that model, our early supporters and community friends are rewarded with the best possible pricing!
Why should I place an order today?
Based on our business model, the earlier you order the better your price is. The price of each of our products is the lowest at the launch of the pre-sales. From that moment on, the price keeps increasing gradually as we move closer to shipping. Once Spectrum starts shipping from stock, it will be available in major retail outlets globally at a higher price point corresponding to a wider channel and fast after-service support.
When is the remainder of the payment due?
By placing a pre-order and paying the $100 down payment, you reserve a Spectrum against the best possible price. To confirm your order and claim your production slot, you will have to complete the outstanding amount a few weeks before your monitor is ready to ship. We will send you a prompt-to-pay email as soon as we are ready to process your balance payment and queue your monitor for production.
When is Spectrum shipping?
We follow different timelines for the different Spectrum models. Your preferred model goes through the following stages: in development, in production, and shipping. The most accurate shipping estimates can be found on the order page of the Spectrum of your choice. Please note that the website reflects the estimates for new orders. If you have placed an order earlier, it is best to reach out to our customer support team who can confirm the most accurate timeline for you.
How do I purchase two different variants of Spectrum?
During your order you will be able to create a customer account. You will be able to add different purchases to the same customer account. Buying multiple units of the same variant can be made on the order page. However, if you wish to order two units with different specifications, you will have to do the shopping flow twice. You will find all your orders within your customer account.