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  • Tips for V Pen
    Tips for V Pen

    3 replacement pen tips for the V Pen

    • USB-C to HDMI adapter
      USB-C to HDMI adapter

      The USB-C to HDMI adapter provides a smooth and effortless experience for connecting your device to your HDTV, 4K/Ultra HDTV, or any other HDMI-enabled display.

      - Standard: HDMI 2.0
      - Ports: USB-C male to HDMI female
      - Length: 20 cm
      - Supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode

    • USB-C cable (2.5 m)
      USB-C cable (2.5 m)

      Each purchase of the V computer includes one of these.

      USB-C cable for charging and data transfer

      - Ports: USB-C male to USB-C male
      - Length: 2.5 meters
      - Data transfer speed: USB 2.0 (up to 480 Mbps)
      - Current rating: up to 3A

      • 45W USB-C Charger
        45W USB-C Charger

        Each purchase of the V computer includes one of these.​

        Compact charger to charge the V computer and other mobile devices*.

        - Charging technology: USB-PD
        - Output: DC 5V (up to 3A/15W), 9V (up to 3A/27W), 15V (up to 3A/45W)
        - Input: AC 100~240V, 50-60Hz
        - Output port: USB-C**
        - Plug: foldable US plug (Type A / NEMA 1-15 connector)***
        - Size: 65mm x 65mm x 30mm

          * Applicable to devices supporting USB-PD technology. Please consult your device manufacturer for details about compatibility.

          ** Cable is not included. If you need one, we recommend adding 'USB-C cable (2.5 m)' to your order as well.

          *** For users in the EU, UK or Australia, the 'International Adapter Set' is separately available in our store.

          • International Adapter Set
            International Adapter Set

            Each purchase of the V computer includes one of these​​.

            The adapter set supports all the major global standards such as UK, EU, Australia, etc. It is designed to fit our 45W USB-C Charger.

            The set includes:

            - 1 plug adapter to Type C (CEE 7/16) connector, commonly used in Europe
            - 1 plug adapter to Type G (BS 1363) connector, commonly used in UK
            - 1 plug adapter to Type I (A S/NZS 3112) connector, commonly used Australia